måndag 16 augusti 2010

Anna with an LSR-1000

Isn't this a beautiful picture? My friend Anna Ekman singing into a Milab LSR-1000 at an outdoor wedding (the mic is fitted with a windscreen).

onsdag 11 augusti 2010


A great picture of Queen drummer Roger Taylor in action. If I'm not mistaken there are at least three Milab DC-96B:s visible in this shot. See if you can find all three.


tisdag 10 augusti 2010

New distributor for China

I'm happy to let you know that Milab has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the Chinese market with Huahui Audio Technology.

Huahui is a highly regarded company, mainly working with radio, TV and theatres. They have offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Hongkong and have exclusive distribution rights for several high-end pro audio brands including Midas, Klark-Teknik, Adam, Focal and L-Acoustics.

The partnership will be officially presented at the BIRTV tradeshow in Beijing next week.

måndag 9 augusti 2010

DC-96C reviewed

It's been a while since my last post - but after a good summer holiday I am now back at the office and I'm looking forward to a busy autumn.

The first review of the DC-96C was published a few weeks ago in Swedish pro audio magazine MM. In the test the DC-96C was compared to a Microtech Gefell M930 and a vintage AKG C414EB.

Some excerpts:

"Milab's theory about the rectangular capsule seems to be correct. When I turn the DC-96C 45 degrees from the source, the very highest frequencies drop slightly, but not much, and the drop feels very natural and smooth. The two other mics are definitely not bad, but both sound significantly darker in this position. It seems obvious that the DC-96C would be an excellent mic for stereo recording - both for XY and AB setups - probably just as good as a small diaphragm condenser."

(Testing all mics on a drum kit): "I know my C414 well. It delivers what I expect - a clear but nice sounding HF lift, a pretty neutral mid range and a steady low end. But when I switched to the DC-96C recording I almost fell out of the chair. The top is a little softer than the C414, but it's really "there" - and so silky and beautiful! Cymbals and hi-hat shine beautifully and there's not a trace of distortion. [...] But the most obvious difference is the incredibly "juicy" low end. The punch in the kick drum and the toms is "present", fat and full, and the two other mics sound much thinner. Let me be clear: The bottom end in the Milab is huge. Huge."

"I am once again reminded of the good transient response, which is excellent for vocals when you want a clear and natural vocal sound at the front of the mix."

"The steady bass reproduction has been impressive throughout the entire test."

"I gaze at the tiny Milab mic that looks so innocent on the other side of the control room window. It seems as harmless as Clark Kent when I set it up in front of the different sound sources. But when I turn my back on it and make my way to the control room, it transforms itself - and comes out like Superman in the studio monitors."

"With its silky smooth top, its neutral mid range and a low end that can only be described as gigantic - the DC-96C is an extremely useful tool for any serious recording engineer. A matched pair of DC-96C:s ought to be one of the best foundations imaginable for any mic collection."

Not bad huh?