onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Buying a used microphone

We come across customers from time to time who have bought a used mic at a great price, only to find out that the mic needs a new capsule - which can be quite expensive.

Buying a used mic with a bad capsule is like buying a used car with a broken engine.

I am working on adding a page to our website about general advice when buying a used mic. However, there are a couple of things I can say right away:

#1. If you buy a high-end microphone - like a Milab - and take proper care of it, you will have a great tool for decades. But if the microphone is abused, the capsule exposed to dust, dirt etc., you may shorten it's life-span considerably. So the first thing to look for when buying a used mic is the general impression. If the outside is in bad shape - there is a big chance the inside is just as bad.

#2. Always listen to it carefully. Some problems can be caused by electronic components or be solved by a good cleaning or some soldering, but if it doesn't sound good, chances are there is something wrong with the capsule, which is by far the most complex and expensive part of a condenser microphone.

#3. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about a used microphone. You may even want to send us the microphone for a check-up before you decide to buy, if it's possible to arrange with the seller.

You can make great deals on used gear, just be careful.

torsdag 21 oktober 2010

Milab + Rycote

We've been working with UK based Rycote for a while now. They make some of the best shockmounts and windscreens on the market and they have helped with a new shockmount for the SRND 360 surround microphone.

From now on all SRND 360:s will be delivered with the Rycote mount - which is a custom modified version of the Invision USM. The standard version has received brilliant reviews, e.g. in Sound on Sound: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/mar10/articles/rycoteinvisionusm.htm

I'm working on a press release to make the collaboration official.

The standard Invision USM.